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JR Leather Soles

Here at M & M Cobblers Bench Shoe Repair, we offer our customers with the highest end material for their high end shoes.  JR Leather Soles are said to be the Bentley of shoes.  Leather with the JR-Brand label is waterproof and extremely abrasion resistant, tough yet flexible, very comfortable to wear and optically distinguished by its attractive grain and warm, woody colour. 

JR Leather Sole at M & M Cobblers Bench Shoe Repair

The traditional method of oak-bark ground-tanning has prevailed through four generations of leathermaking at Rendenbach. The undaunting dedication to this environment-friendly tanning process has been well rewarded: with a product of first class quality that is robust and yet extremely flexible, waterproof and yet breathable. JR-Leather is notably hard wearing, dermatologically kind and exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Traditional oak-bark ground-tanning is a process involving biodegradable tanning agents such as bark and fruit. This ecological tanning method results in an especially long lasting and dermatologically kind product.